Thursday, November 3, 2011

"The Times They Are a-Changin' "

ear X-tacy in Louisville, KY
If you've read any of our blogs you know there's a love affair with vinyl and classic rock & pop music.  You've also had to endure my tour guide reports of my stops at local vinyl retail stores while I'm travelling.  My love for vinyl stores sticking around is not just that I selfishly like to thumb through records but that its one of those tangible,interactive,non electronic experiences that have to elbow for our attention amongst all the modern technological devices that occupy our day.  For instance, Starbucks made buying coffee an "experience" by creating a place to come and hangout and buy expensive coffee that would make our grandparents shake their heads.  So as Starbucks stores has created an "experience" so has the record store.  There is nothing magical about finding a sought after record on itunes or any downloadable site.  Its quick and convenient,but that's not always what life is about.

Here are some articles of good news and bad news.  Unfortunately we're losing an independent record store,ear X-tacy, in Louisville, KY .  Criminal Records in Atlanta is fighting to stay alive,but across the US there seems to be several record stores opening and thriving. 

Here are a few things to read:

statement from Jim James from My Morning Jacket about ear X-tacy closing

Here is an entry Indie Stores Closing-And Opening from Matador Records Matablog.

Below are excellent Knoxville stores that sell vinyl.  In fact Wild Honey Records just opened in September.  Here are their websites.
Wild Honey Records, Disc Exchange, Raven Records

Mike Smith, The Showbiz Kids

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