Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Almost...New Music Tuesdays: Quadrophenia Director's Cut

Okay technically Quadrophenia Director's Cut will be released next Tuesday November 15th, but I'm already excited about it even if I cant afford to buy it...yet!  Christmas is just around the corner for anyone who is READING this?!

Some quick background...Quadrophenia is a cornerstone in The Who's musical lineage. The 1973 album spurred a movie and has influenced many bands and has always been a beacon of mod culture. Pete remarks that it is the work he is most proud. Here is some more insight to the creativity and background to the story line. Quadrophenia-wikipedia

Pete Townshend and Phil Daniels on the set of Quadrophenia

Okay back to the stuff that will be released next week...Here is a link to Pete discussing the actual items in this remaster and just generally what it was all about.  Also there is a second video that shows the items in the box set Quadrophenia.

The Who perform in 1973-Dave Ellis/Getty Images

The Who during 1973 rehearsals

Mike Smith,The Showbiz Kids

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