Thursday, November 10, 2011

Learn Guitar Month, Pt. 2

Next up, a guy whose style crept up on me gradually, but has stayed in my mind to this day. Curt Kirkwood is the criminally underrated guitarist for the seminal punk band, Meat Puppets. Though the Meat Puppets began squarely in the hardcore punk box, they were already staking out new sonic territory by their second album, Meat Puppets II.

So much of the Meat Puppets sound is, obviously, Curt's vision as guitarist/songwriter. Drawing on everything from punk, classic rock, country, and psychedelia, Curt has created a language all his own on the guitar.

To say that I'd like to play like this is a huge understatement.

Back for more guitar talk in a while. Hit me up in the comments section until then.

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