Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Pixies came and stole Knoxville : Doolittle Lost Cities Tour

The Pixies exploded into Knoxville's Tennessee Theatre and then equally imploded and were gone.  I have never seen these guys live and its been a mistake because they sounded so good.  They ripped thru some B-sides at the beginning and then full bore into the Doolittle album.  How many times had I listened to Black Francis scream out the words to "Debaser"from my stereo?  Now I got to hear him do it live and it electrified the crowd.  No one sat down the entire concert.
 The two encores were filled with songs from Surfer Rosa/Come on Pilgrim.  Here is the set list.

"Vamos" Live at TN Theatre 11.10.11

The Pixies had some interesting stage design for the show.  During most songs the the back stage lighting and video that was rolling during the songs basically put the band members in silhouette.  So you just saw their darkened outlines while vintage random montage of video played behind them. It was a very fun night of music,memories and old friends.  I only wished it lasted longer.
Mike Smith,The Showbiz Kids

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