Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dave Matthews Band to release Atlantic City show

The next live Dave Matthews Band release will document the group’s Atlantic City, NJ show from June 26th. Part of the multi-artist Caravan tour, the show was one of only a handful of dates the band played in 2011. Show highlights include the band’s first take on Aerosmith’s “Sweet Emotion” as well as rarely played originals like “Kill the King” and “Halloween.” 
Fans who pre-order the show will receive a bonus disc featuring material from other nights of the Caravan tour. Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds will re-group for two acoustic dates next week.
Here's a look at the track listing:

1. Seek Up
2. Warehouse
3. What Would You Say
4. Kill The King
5. Granny
6. Lying In The Hands Of God
7. Digging A Ditch
8. One Sweet World
9. Tripping Billies

1. Dive In
2. Raven
3. So Much To Say
4. Sweet Emotion
5. Too Much
6. All Along The Watchtower
7. Some Devil
8. Halloween
9. Ants Marching
10. Thank You (Fallentin Me Be Mice Elf Agin)
6/24/11 Bader Field Atlantic City, NJ
1. Squirm
2. You Might Die Trying
3. Satellite
4. Corn Bread
6/25/11 Bader Field Atlantic City, NJ
5. Spaceman

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