Thursday, November 3, 2011

November is National Learn Guitar Month

Ok, it's not. If anything, it's closer to April. But, I first picked up guitar with the serious intention of learning it exactly one year ago this month so, for me, it's a time to look back at my progress one year later.

The guitar is not the first instrument I've picked up. I played trumpet for a while, and played the drums for many years. So, I understand a little about music.

The guitar is something different, though. I actually started with the bass. I really wanted to play those Stax/Motown bass lines. Ultimately, I just didn't feel it and switched to guitar.

It's been a blast learning guitar. And as anyone who has every picked it up can tell you: At one year in, you're barely scratching the surface.

So, why pick up guitar now? I'd say, why not? It's never too late to learn something you want to learn.

I thought I'd take the month of November to highlight a few of the guitarists who I've greatly admired over the years, and who ultimately inspired me to try it for myself. Though the guitar is usually just six strings, some wood, and a bit of electronics, the same guitar sounds different in the hands of whoever is playing it. These musicians have created their own voices on the instrument. When you hear the first few notes, you know who it is.

First up, is the guy who still blows me away in terms of his song writing abilities. He just knows how to craft incredibly intricate yet beautiful compositions. Jimmy Page is simply one of the greats. And that Gibson doubleneck is now iconic.

Do you play? Let me know your experience, or some of your favorite guitarists in the comments section.

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