Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Music Tuesdays: Sly Stone 'I'm Back! Family & Friends'

It's been more than two decades since Sly Stone, the front man for the groundbreaking Sly & The Family Stone, has released any new material.

Available today, Sly returns with 'I'm Back! Family & Friends' which features newly recorded versions of classic songs from the Sly & The Family Stone catalog, with special guests including Jeff Beck, Ray Manzarek, Bootsy Collins, Ann Wilson, and Carmine Appice.

Over that period of time, Sly Stone has become one of the most elusive recluses in modern music, making only rare live appearances on occasions at select events like the 2006 Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony, and all the while his legend has continued to grow.

I am not going to review each song track by track, as much of the material included on 'I'm Back! Family & Friends' are timeless Family Stone classics. While it may not be a Sly & The Family Stone reunion that many have hoped for, any new music from Sly Stone is always welcomed in my book. 

-Will Fisher
The Showbiz Kids

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