Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Music Tuesdays: Drive-By Truckers 'Ugly Buildings, Whores and Politicians: Greatest Hits 1998-2009

After 15 years together, the Drive-By Truckers haven’t released a hit single per se, but they have certainly amassed more than enough material for a solid compilation (maybe even two). 

'Ugly Buildings, Whores and Politicians: Greatest Hits 1998-2009' is available today on New West Records and the collection features songs from seven of the Truckers' albums excluding their two most recent records for ATO Records. 

Included in the track listing:

1. “The Living Bubba”
2. “Bulldozers and Dirt”
3. “Ronnie and Neil”
4. “Zip City”
5. “Let There Be Rock”
6. “Marry Me”
7. “Sink Hole”
8. “Carl Perkins’ Cadillac”
9. “Outfit”
10. “The Righteous Path”
11. “Gravity’s Gone” (Remix)
12. “Never Gonna Change”
13. “3 Dimes Down”
14. “Lookout Mountain”
15. “Uncle Frank” (Alternate Version)
16. “A World of Hurt”

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