Monday, October 24, 2011

On the road for vinyl: Rainy night in Chicago

Chicago lived up to its name as the windy city and added rain for good measure.  So I ventured out anyway and navigated the Chicago train down to the Damen stop and walked around the Wicker Park neighborhood looking for my two destinations Reckless Records and Permanent Records over on W. Chicago.  By the way I ate dinner at Jerry's  Sandwiches and Beer and I highly recommend that place...sit at the bar if you can because they play and discuss good music.

Anyway, once I arrived at Reckless Records it was a warm and inviting stop.  Exactly what I had envisioned but some cool surprises as well.  As Pink Floyd's Meddle played overhead I looked through racks of new but mostly old records and daydreamed about where these records have travelled over their lifetime. I found a first issue of Jimmy Smith's The Boss, The Who's The Who By Numbers,and Graham Nash's Songs For BeginnersThey had put the Graham Nash record on the turntable and only made it through the first song when I asked if I could buy it and broke the sales girl's heart.  I gave her an out to keep it but she thanks again...great store.
I tried to stop at Permanent Records but they closed early...maybe next time.

Reckless adds a cool note about the record

Mike Smith, The Showbiz Kids

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