Friday, October 28, 2011

The wrong string was just right for Troy Suggs

Some people have dreams that burn red hot, some that simmer for years under occupational hazards of day to day life and others coax those dreams to the surface and take the chance. Music may have started and ended for Troy Suggs with writing his first song at age 16, but the writer in him never completely went to black.  

Growing up in the 80s means country was cool and music was a rich part of family activities, so Troy started guitar lessons like a thousand other kids, but school and grades ultimately came first.  Music was stirring inside him and the first of many influences would lead him to his Americana sound today.  Pearl Jam's Ten, The Screaming Trees, and even a memory of a first album Hank Williams Jr. Habits Old and New have rattled around in Troy's head for years as his musical aspirations were slowly being put away for happier times and life.  His lyrics and strumming out tunes as a teenager on his old Martin import Sigma seemed to have been frozen in time until now.

Sitting in Troy's kitchen on a Tuesday afternoon while talking and listening to his new album, Don't, you forget that the blend of conversation and music playing is his...and that it's not the radio station playing some established musician's popular songs.  This is a guy who simply just wants to play his music and let that 16 year old writer flourish now as a man. 

Fame and fortune is not Troy's aspiration either, he is inspired to write songs and play his music for the sheer enjoyment of it. 

Raw nerves were exposed at an 'open mike' night at Cokesbury Church in Knoxville, TN earlier this year.  Troy had an opportunity to perform his own original material for a captive audience and when asked to recall that night, Troy mentioned "It didn't start out how he wanted it to", he stated that "his nerves and fingers weren't cooperating and he hit a wrong string on his guitar and the note just drifted out into the audience."  Troy said he looked down and saw everyone still grooving along and one particular member of the audience was just nodding their head in enjoyment of the music...and that was it for Troy...he got the feedback any performer is striving for and now he knows his music can no longer remain locked up in the attic for no one to hear.

It's hard to imagine that Don't is Troy's first recording.  It sounds like a guy that had been recording since that young age of 16 and has lived and matured just like the wood on that old Martin guitar.  The lyrics are thoughtful and the infectious melodies are layered across a very strong foundation from the band.  All seven songs on the record are originals and there is more where that came from, including one written specifically for his upcoming show on Oct 28th at The Square Room in Knoxville,TN. 

Songs like "I Don't Want To Hear It" have a chorus that you can't and don't want to get out of your head.  "Don't Expect Me To Be Grateful" may have been written years ago but Troy said," I can go back to those feelings because we're all just one tragedy from being back where we were in that pain."  "Jealous Eyes" will be a favorite as Troy sings ," I passion and my pain collides." The seven songs were recorded with the support from family, friends, fellow Knoxville musicians and his loving wife, Georgette.  It proves that you can write good music even when you're not hurting. 

A familiar line from a beloved Kris Kristofferson..."And it took me back to something that I'd lost somewhere somehow along the way."  Its a good thing that Troy hadn't lost this music and refused to listen to any don'ts inside of his head or his heart.  This is a guy pursuing dreams that got pushed down deep long ago and we can all relate to that. This is definitely music you will want to hear...

Come see Troy Suggs at his CD release concert:

October 28, 2011
The Square Room Knoxville,TN

Written By:
Mike Smith & Will Fisher, The Showbiz Kids

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