Friday, October 7, 2011

Brent Thompson at Homegrown Series live radio show

What I like about Knoxville is we keep getting cooler but the city doesn't get so busy that it takes away from small music hangouts like Preservation Pub Speakeasy and hearing musicians like Brent Thompson.  Wednesday evening was a great mix of music and audience with Market Square as the perfect backdrop.

The musical talent in Knoxville has always been here,but if you missed one of Knoxville's talented, Brent Thompson, then you just plain missed out.   Brent played a live radio show for WFIV 105.3 and not only is his music great but in between songs he is extremely entertaining just answering questions.  I was aware that Brent and even his brother are musicians but didn't know the talent of the Thompson's "Partridge" family extended even to his sister Kellye who added great vocals to several of Brent's songs.  The ever talented Wes Lunsford on guitar and Hunter Deacon on brushes & snare were onstage to add their musical touches as well.
eleven o'clock Rock website

During business hours you can find Brent as co-host of eleven o' clock rock which is an Internet video broadcast network featuring live local and touring musicians,interviews and news.  Its an entertaining and humorous (intentionally) show so check it out here.

Mike Smith, Showbiz Kids

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