Thursday, April 21, 2011

Random Thoughts featuring The Grateful Dead and Television

I was listening to the Grateful Dead's self-titled debut album from 1967 and after further examination of Jerry Garcia's guitar solo from the studio version of the Dead's classic 'Morning Dew,' I kept recalling the same guitar style and effects used by Television's front-man, Tom Verlaine, on their classic, Marquee Moon

Both Garcia and Verlaine were known to use delay, reverb, phasing/flanging, and tremolo in addition to utilizing unconventional approaches at playing the standard mixolydian and minor pentatonic scales.  I realize that the Grateful Dead and Television are completely different in just about every aspect, musically, but listen to the guitar work in both songs and please confirm that I am not going crazy here. 

Did the Dead influence one of the most underrated but profound bands of the late 70s?   Listen and decide for yourself...


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