Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Paul Simon 'So Beautiful or So What'

At nearly 70, Paul Simon releases another consistent album that contemplates deep subject matter from God to love, loss and mortality, all with his light and rhythmic groove that we have enjoyed since 1972's Paul Simon.  There is plenty of great narrative and humor too, as is evident on the first single, "The Afterlife" which assures us we will have to "fill out a form first, and then wait in the line"after death.

Paul Simon sounds strikingly young on this record and longtime fans will enjoy moments on So Beautiful or So What that could have found their place among earlier albums like There Goes Rhymin' Simon or his essential classic, Graceland.  

Highlights include "Getting Ready for Christmas Day,""So Beautiful" and the beautiful ballad, "Love and Hard Times."

SBK Rating: 8.5 out of possible 10 "Highly enjoyable"

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