Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Showbiz Kids Look at ONE

Well, it’s official-one year ago today, we launched The Showbiz Kids blog online with little more than a few ideas and a passion for music.  What has been overwhelming for us is the response we have received from our readers; nearly 26,000 total page views over the past 365 days!  (Not too shabby for a couple of married guys, who are trying to raise children and are merely working stiffs that enjoy blogging about music for a hobby.)

I must say a very humbled and heartfelt “THANK YOU” to everyone who reads our posts and musings on a regular basis.  Life sometimes gets in the way of all that we would like to write about and we really do feel guilty for re-posting articles that can be found on sites such as: Rolling Stone, Relix, or  So, while we are thanking people, many thanks to the various writers out there who are the true professionals.

The Showbiz Kids has certainly provided each of us with an outlet to be creative and write about the various music that we love so much.  The best part about it is that we have been blessed to get to know and interview some wonderful people here in Knoxville that keep the music scene alive and well in this wonderful city.  

We promise to keep the site going as long as we have people out there who are interested in reading what we have to say.  For that, we celebrate our first anniversary and appreciate all of your support over the past year!

On that note, please keep us informed of anything you would like us to write about as we are always open to your comments and suggestions.

Again, we thank you, our readers, for making The Showbiz Kids a success and we are excited about what the future holds for us in the days ahead.

-Will Fisher, Mike Smith, and Shawn Daniel, The Showbiz Kids

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