Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Foo Fighters and Bob Mould

Wasting Light by the Foo Fighters was one of our most favorite albums of 2011. A track from the album called "Dear Rosemary" had been written with the intentions of Bob Mould singing and playing on the track. Dave Grohl has professed a love for Husker Du and Bob Mould and below you can see them singing it live on Conan.

There is much rich history to Bob Mould but I wanted to recognize this moment in 1992 when he  concocted the band Sugar and wrote one of the best albums you may not know called Copper Blue. During that time you couldn't have pried this album out of my cold dead hands. 
I was able to see him play it live at The Masquerade in Atlanta and he ripped thru the album never saying a word and left his blue stratocaster ringing out  the final chord on stage until he came back to retrieve it and start the encore.  Those were some fun days in Atlanta.

Mike Smith, The Showbiz Kids

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