Saturday, September 17, 2011

Today in Rock History: The Doors banned from The Ed Sullivan Show

The Doors were never interested in compromise-regardless of who was asking.  On September 17th, 1967, the group performed on the Ed Sullivan Show. The band was to play two songs: "People Are Strange," the lead single from their second album, Strange Days, and their prior hit, "Light My Fire." 

Backstage, moments before the show began taping, producers asked singer Jim Morrison to change the line "Girl we couldn't get much higher," claiming that the line suggested illegal drug use and wasn't fit for the audience.  The rest of the band agreed to swap in less controversial lyrics, but Morrison refused.

Once the Doors took the stage for their live set, Morrison sang the offending lines of "Light My Fire."  Ed Sullivan was outraged, but managed to close the show with a smile, then promptly stormed offstage and banned the Doors from ever playing his show again-for life.

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