Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Music Tuesdays: Lindsey Buckingham 'Seeds We Sow'

For almost four decades, Lindsey Buckingham has been the architect and driving force behind one of the world's biggest bands, Fleetwood Mac.  His songs are familiar to millions, but very few faithful Mac fans could name any of his solo work if asked.

Seeds We Sow is Buckingham's 3rd album in five years and if you were hoping that Lindsey Buckingham would mellow into middle-age on his new record, you can keep waiting. Seeds We Sow is as deeply confessional as it is musically ambitious beginning with the title track. 

Buckingham reminisces about a lost love “In Our Own Time” and what follows is the Fleetwood Mac-ish,"Illumination," which is a perfect mixture of rhythm and witty lyricism that recalls the Tusk era of the Mac.  
Buckingham chases regrets in the middle of the night on “Stars Are Crazy." “When She Comes Down” contains a powerful multi-tracked vocal that runs completely counter to its subject matter. Back in their prime, this track probably would have undoubtedly been recorded on a new Fleetwood Mac album.  

“One Take” is a complex tune that seems to serve as a moment of repentance, with somebody answering for whatever missteps happened along the way.

Overall, Buckingham's latest record displays moments of brilliance and self-indulgence, but one thing is clear-Lindsey Buckingham is one of the most talented and underrated musicians still recording music today.

-Will Fisher, The Showbiz Kids
The Showbiz Kids Rating: 7.5 out of possible 10

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