Friday, September 9, 2011

Criminal Records in Atlanta is fighting to keep its doors open

Our economy's struggle weaves its way into every aspect of our life from our most important issues like jobs,home ownership,retirement and I could go on and on.  Of course retail stores are failing and the ones you really hate to see are the privately owned small business especially when they've survived for years and become familiar local landmarks. 

Criminal Records is fighting to stay alive in Atlanta, Ga and may have to close its doors in November of this year.  As I have mentioned in previous entries I believe the fun and action of walking into a store to feel, see and shop for music is one of those experiences that shouldn't fade away.  Its easy to download music and there's certainly a place for it,but wouldn't it be a sterile experience if everything we eventually do is done by sitting in front of a computer?

I hope that anyone living in Atlanta will take a moment to go to Criminal Records and actually see,feel and experience the tangible objects of recorded music.  Even better...please go there and buy something!
Many folks have not ever seen a vinyl record and many that have been around may soon only be able to buy music online so think of going to any music store as a walk through an endangered animal.

Please read the article below from the Atlanta Journal & Atlanta Constitution on Criminal Records.

Criminal Records Owner Plans to Close in November-Atlanta Journal & Constitution

1154-A Euclid Ave NE
Atlanta,GA 30307

Mon-Sat 11am-9pm
Sun 12am-7pm

Facebook page -Save Criminal Records

Mike Smith, The Showbiz Kids

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