Saturday, July 9, 2011

Listen to new Yes album 'Fly From Here'

Listen to 'Fly From Here'

From Rolling Stone

Yes fans, rejoice: Your decade-long wait for new material from the prog giants is finally over. On July 12th, the band are releasing their new LP Fly From Here, but right now you can hear an exclusive stream of their new single "We Can Fly."

The LP is produced by Trevor Horn, who worked on the band's 1983 mega-hit "Owner Of A Lonely Heart." The track is a part of a much longer suite of music on the new album called "Fly From Here," which dates back over 30 years. "We played it live on the 1980 tour when it was just five minutes long," Yes bassist Chris Squire told Rolling Stone in March. "Now it's an extravaganza!"

Yes have been through many changes since the release of their last studio album. Original lead singer Jon Anderson and keyboardist Rick Wakeman haven't played with the band since Yes wrapped up their 2004 summer tour. In 2008 Yes reformed with new singer Benoit David, who used to front a Canadian Yes tribute band. Rick Wakeman's son Oliver was their keyboardist for a few years, but he was recently let go in favor of Geoff Downes – who originally played with Yes in 1980.

Meanwhile, Anderson has gone on his own tours – both solo and with Rick Wakeman. This isn't the first time that Yes has toured in two separate camps. In 1989 the Yes splinter group Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe formed, which was 4/5th of the classic 1970s Yes line-up. They put out an album and toured, but quickly realized that a Yes divided against itself cannot stand. In 1991 they joined forces for the Union album and tour - which featured an insane number of Yes alumni all sharing one stage.

It remains to be seen whether Yes will once again come back together, but in the meantime Fly From Here should please many of the hardcore fans. Horn is an incredibly gifted producer – and, unsurprisingly, was even the lead singer for Yes at one point in his life.

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