Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day Two of Super Ball IX (Other Activities and Evening Set)

WATKINS GLEN -- Nearly 500 runners took part in a 5K race at midday Saturday, running on a course laid out on one of the interior roads of the race track, near the stage.
Race officials had a difficult time keeping the crowd from wandering onto the course until the racers pounded toward the finish line, where hundreds of festival goers huddled to cheer.
Official entrants were timed, with their official elapsed times posted on a bulletin board near the finish line.
Their reward for finishing: A bottle of water and a healthy snack bar.

Clothes shed in the heat

The general festival attire Thursday and Friday -- mostly tie-dyed shirts, dresses and bandannas -- gave way Saturday afternoon to bikinis and halter tops for the women, tank tops (or no shirts at all) for the men.
At least the younger men shed their shirts.
The booths selling light-weight clothing and straw hats did a brisk business as temperatures threatened to top 90 degrees.
The ice cream stands, and any concession stand selling water, also saw plenty of customers all afternoon.

Wiffle tourney a hit

The Golden Stick Wiffle ball league finals will begin Sunday afternoon, played on the same field where the audience has sat for two nights to hear Phish play.
Originally planned as a small diversion for festival attendees, the event drew 96 teams via Internet signups well before the start of Super Ball IX. There were 70 more teams on a waiting list, in case any of the official 96 didn't show to play.
The league started in 2002 and has teams spread out through the Northeast and in California.

All for charity

A number of non-profit organizations, including the Schuyler County Humane Society, were encouraged by Phish to run concession booths at the festival to help raise money for their causes.
The Humane Society has been operating two booths since Thursday -- one selling food and beverages, a second offering just Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.
Both did a brisk business Saturday.
Barb Cook, a Humane Society volunteer and operator of Salty Dog Rescue in Watkins Glen, said the organization is going to use the concession money to help pay for a planned new animal shelter in Montour Falls.

Set One: (3:30) Tube, Kill Devil Falls > Ocelot, Lawn Boy, Divided Sky, Boogie on Reggae Woman > Camel Walk, Cities > Poor Heart > 46 Days, Suskind Hotel, When the Circus Comes, Timber (Jerry) > Back on the Train > Suzy Greenberg, Monkey Man

Set Two: (8:01) Runaway Jim > McGrupp and the Watchful Horsemasters, Axilla I > Birds of a Feather, Stash, Sample In a Jar, Heavy Things > Horn > It's Ice > The Mango Song > Rift, Scents and Subtle Sounds > Run Like an Antelope

Set Three: (10:21) Golden Age > Prince Caspian > Piper > Tweezer > Julius > Backwards Down the Number Line > Twist


"Suskind Hotel" and "Monkey Man" were Phish debuts. During "Runaway Jim" Trey announced the 5K winners. Simpsons signal after "BOAF". This was the first secret language of 3.0. Scents and Subtle Sounds was played for the first time since 12/4/09 (74 shows).

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