Sunday, July 10, 2016

On the turntable this Sunday...One From The Vault

One from the Vault is a live album by the Grateful Dead, recorded on August 13, 1975 at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, California, and released April 15, 1991 on Grateful Dead Records, the personal record label of the band. The concert was broadcast on FM radio, widely traded by fans on cassettes, and sold in bootleg LP versions under the titles Urubouros Deedni Mublasaron and Make Believe Ballroom. But it was not until the Grateful Dead released it on their eponymous record label, Grateful Dead Records, that high quality versions of the songs appeared. It was the first complete concert recording released commercially by the band. The concert also marked the first time that the then recently released album Blues for Allah was performed live in its entirety, albeit with a few other songs thrown in.

Disc one
First set:
  1. Introduction by Bill Graham – 0:46
  2. "Help on the Way / Slipknot!" > (Jerry Garcia, Robert Hunter) – 7:52
  3. "Franklin's Tower" (Garcia, Bill Kreutzmann, Hunter) – 6:58
  4. "The Music Never Stopped" (Weir, John Perry Barlow) – 5:29
  5. "It Must Have Been the Roses" (Hunter) – 5:05
  6. "Eyes of the World" / "Drums" > (Garcia, Hunter) – 14:32
  7. "King Solomon's Marbles" (Lesh) – 6:36
Second set:
  1. "Around and Around" (Chuck Berry) – 5:59
Disc two
Second set, continued:
  1. "Sugaree" (Garcia, Hunter) – 7:56
  2. "Big River" (Johnny Cash) – 4:50
  3. "Crazy Fingers" / "Drums" > (Garcia, Hunter) – 13:08
  4. "The Other One" > (Weir, Kreutzmann) – 5:33
  5. "Sage and Spirit" > (Weir) – 3:24
  6. "Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad" (traditional, arranged by Grateful Dead) – 7:13
  7. "U.S. Blues" (Garcia, Hunter) – 5:29
  8. "Blues for Allah" (Garcia, Hunter) – 21:01

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